Bangkok: A Sky full of Stars

S̄wạs̄dī, my friend!

Compiling a few of our takeaways from our recent Bangkok trip with short chikas 🙂 Cholo, who planned for the whole adventure, booked the trip after deciding to purchase Coldplay tickets for their A Head Full of Dreams Tour Bangkok leg. You slayed it! Sarap maging prinsesa sa Bangkok hihi 


The Weather

Summer kung summer! My Pinay balat tells me the heat is no different with how it is in the Philippines this time of the year but they definitely lack some airing over there! Make sure to pack breezy clothes when you visit during summer. Failure to bring Evian facial spray was really a big mistake.



Good thing Buko Ice Cream are sold almost everywhere. Sarap!

The Hotel

We stayed at Novotel Hotel at Ploenchit Sukhumvit. Cholo got a great deal. I wasn’t able to take photos aside from what I posted in my Instagram stories but this 4-star hotel won’t disappoint. Great service. The hotel is near malls and BTS SkyTrain. Buffet breakfast in the morning offers various cuisines, fresh fruit smoothies and unlimited bacon! IKR?! 🙂

Located at 566 Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Patumwan, Bangkok 10330 Bangkok.



The usual – 15 Baht on top of your meter bill if you book Grab. We weren’t able to book one though. It’s not very hard to hail a cab in the city.

And of course there’s always tuktuk to add fun to your travel. They charge around 70 Baht for a ride. Not sure though if that’s forenjer price. Tutuks are way bigger than our tricycles and they are allowed to enter main roads.


Cute, fancy and anti-baha tryk 🙂

Shopping Malls

We didn’t get to visit much but we were told their malls are kind of categorized 😛 They have malls specifically for your gadgets and another one for fashion. We went to Show DC to claim our concert tickets. It’s like a perfect leisure gateway for Asians — shops and food establishments are mostly Japanese and Korean. Pretty cool!


*Photo from Google

They even have Star Avenue for Koryan fans 😛


*Photo from Google


Khao San Road

Our first attempt to have a nice night cap was kind of a nonsuccess: we found ourselves strolling with empty stomach in an alley where Papis have their kind of FUN 😛 We were in Nana Road.

Thankfully, the next day we got it right! Good music, alcohol, street food, night market, tattoos, express Thai massage, free hugs and as for the crowd? A melting pot of colors 🙂 Oh so right!


IMG_20170409_214644_296_mini_mini IMG_20170409_215704_501_mini_mini_mini_mini
IMG_20170409_214812_077_mini IMG_20170409_214730_254_mini




Jim Thompson

We have nothing planned out for our first day aside from claiming the tickets and visiting the Grand Palace which we easily took out from our list since the long line caused so much delay. We then decided to check on nearby places to visit and ended up visiting Jim Thompson House – one of the best decisions ever!

He was an American art enthusiast turned Architect and then served the army. The war brought him to Thailand where he found home. He became interested in trade while falling in love with its culture. As a result, he built a house on this piece of land by Klong Maha Nag and just across from the weaving village of Ban Krua. The house was a product of his architectural style influenced by traditional Thai houses beautified with his art and antique collection – truly his masterpiece.

Guests are not allowed to take photos of the house which I totally respect. You have to see for yourself and listen to this very interesting story of his life to really appreciate it.

20170406_154200_HDR_mini 20170406_170111_HDR_mini_mini

With his natural flair for design and color, and driven by his single-minded dedication to reviving the craft, Thompson soon gained worldwide recognition for his success in rebuilding the industry, for generating international demand for Thai silk and for contributing to the growth of the silk industry.

After the tour, you can cotton to a refreshing drink and meal at the cafe by the pond. So relaxing 🙂

20170406_154043_HDR_mini 20170406_163837_HDR_mini


Authentic Pad Thai and Lemongrass drink. Life!!

The Temples

Days 2 and 3 mean tasting the real deal! Off to visiting the temples and ruins 🙂

IMG_20170407_122043_016_mini_mini_mini_mini_mini IMG_20170407_122150_049_mini

They say ringing the bells after praying will also bless those who can hear them 🙂


Those designs hurt my eyes 😛


Ang mayora. Charot!

20170407_111539_HDR_mini 20170407_094927_mini

Our sweaty faces with the reclining buddha.

20170407_085928_HDR_mini 20170407_085925_HDR_mini IMG_20170410_091333_324_mini IMG_20170409_220042_205_mini IMG_20170409_215856_897_mini IMG_20170409_214513_072_mini IMG_20170408_065817_980_mini IMG_20170408_065640_993_mini

I mean look at those deets!!

IMG_20170407_130018_436_mini IMG_20170407_122632_246_mini


Wall prints that tell stories..


What I would do for doors like this!


Even the cover up rental perfectly suits my pantone! uuughhh


And the ruins, I can’t even!!!!

It was really the boiling point of the day but who would want to miss out on taking a glimpse?

IMG_20170408_170217_366_mini_mini_mini_mini_mini_mini_mini_mini IMG_20170408_170320_048_mini_mini_mini_mini IMG_20170408_170554_828_mini_mini_mini IMG_20170408_152416_615_mini_mini_mini 20170408_155258_HDR_mini_mini_mini IMG_20170408_171002_850_mini_mini 20170408_151107_HDR_mini_mini

Another reclining buddha – busy thinking about your karma!

20170408_154633_HDR_mini_mini IMG_20170408_152253_855_mini_mini IMG_20170408_152546_995_mini

We opted not to ride the elephants. Witnessing their cuteness overload is more than enough ♥

IMG_20170410_091530_083_mini IMG_20170410_091702_123_mini


Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams Tour

And of course, the highlight of our trip!

How I wish I could say good things about the fore and aft, but there’s nothing worth the effort. It was reported that 60,000 fans were expected to endure the scorching heat while patiently waiting in endless lines of sweaty, hungry, thirsty people of different colors but speaking one language – the one that only translates to Coldplay lyrics and music 🙂 I heard around 80,000 people came. Whew!

20170407_225218_HDR_mini 20170407_225215_HDR_mini 20170407_225212_HDR_mini 20170407_211944_mini 20170407_211517_mini 20170407_220704_HDR_mini 20170407_211959_HDR 20170407_212007_HDR

It was all worth it! Hearing them play would really take you on cloud nine. Haaaaayyy, still on a high!

Floating Market

It’s like floating Greenhills but with more color and delicious food! 🙂

You can ride the boat for 150 baht. Be sure to get on your haggling skills! 🙂

IMG_20170408_120825_889_mini_mini IMG_20170408_121049_250_mini_mini IMG_20170408_120729_667_mini_mini

Our swag captain!


Tustado 🙂


Chris Martin photobombing! haha

IMG_20170408_120927_152_mini IMG_20170408_120647_538_mini

Thai Massage

Dead tired from all the walking and the heat will really drain out the energy in you so  we thought some pamper time wouldn’t hurt 🙂 We wouldn’t leave Bangkok without experiencing legit Thai massage!

I looove getting a massage – hard, pressure on points and a few stretches are my non-negotiables and legit Thai massage just nailed it!


Thailand, you get me!

I think I might have been a local in my past life. The colors and patterns are all goals!!!

IMG_20170410_085802_098_mini IMG_20170410_085635_804_mini IMG_20170408_065316_908_mini IMG_20170408_065211_986_mini



Indeed, another short but sweet adventure for us. Thanks to my sky full of stars ♥

Hong Kong: From Fishing Village to Metallica Worldwired Tour 2017

Most of you must have been to this magical place and need not to know where we’ve been or what’s in our itinerary but I’m sharing this anyway for those who might need it.

So sharing with you a few things I LOVED about HK during our short stay…


1. They may not be as hospitable and  warming as Pinoys are but they will get you to where you want to be, let you know what you need to know.

Straight to the point. No kidding around. 🙂

2. Life is simple.

One of my most favorite stops is at the Tai O Fishing Village where we got to see the unsophisticated side of Hong Kong.





Swag vendor making waffle



3. Culture & Colors


Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery



4. Hot Teas & Milk Teas everywhere!!!!

Need not to post photos of it to explain how authentic it tastes.

5. Unli Dimsum

Because.. who doesn’t love dimsum?!






This cool place it located at The One, L308 on level 3 The One,, 100 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui

6. Discipline

I think anyone who has been there would agree. They have system in place for almost everything: pedestrian crossing, queuing for buying train ticket, fast food (literally) queuing. I LOVE how there’s no traffic and no loooong lines because EVERYBODY ABIDES BY THE RULES.

After the enchanting fireworks display, there goes the zombie apocalypse. Everyone rushed to the train station and surprisingly, walang hassle! As in. I do not want to compare but.. they’re doing it right, Philippines.



7. Everybody deserves to be a kid again.


Never in a million years did I think I would enjoy myself here as much as I did. Nothing beats the feeling of being a stubborn kid again 🙂


Parade at 3 PM

16142615_10210488420821332_981532988148927377_n 16174859_10210488420421322_1976420102278193315_n 16195616_10210488419821307_8240896266600876519_n


We need to improve on our map reading skills 😛



Parade at 7:30 PM







And to cap off the night.. the magical fireworks display 🙂


Thank God for this guy who got us free tickets to Disneyland! Uggghh I owe you a lot!



8. I get to see one of his dreams come true 🙂

Main goal for this whole trip was for him to get to see his favorite band’s concert: Metallica  Worldwired Tour 2017. 

Look at this happy kid!


Sharing a few clips from the concert..





I can’t help but be too giddy about where we’re headed to next 😛

P.S. Sorry for the low res videos and photos!

El Nido: A Little Corner of Paradise


I know most of you must have been to Palawan by now. El Nido is widely known for its stunning white-sand beaches and amazingly beautiful coral reefs which despite the distance (6-7 hours of travel by land from Puerto Princesa airport) and accessibility (most airlines offer flights to Puerto Princesa only. Note: Air Swift offers direct flights from Manila to El Nido), this magnificent island still make it to the top of every Pinoy’s Summer Getaway Bucket List. And if what’s in store for me is as grand as this photo, I wouldn’t mind joining the bandwagon.

With that, I can’t help but share with you our short but sweet El Nido trip! ♥ Surprisingly, despite being one of the shortest escapades, it was also one of the most hassle free trips we’ve ever taken.


Our entire tour package was taken care of Ron Socrates who was the head of Cliffside Cottages where we stayed at. (Shoutout: Thank you Ron for being very very accommodating!) We only had technically one whole day to savor the islands so before 7:30 am, we were all set and ready to roll! Our tour coordinator, Kuya Lito (a representative from Kamirah Travel and Tours), was there to meet and accompany us to our boat.


Thanks Kuya Lito and Friends!

He gave us a few safety reminders and briefed us with what’s in store for us for the day. We were also told not to feed the fish as it has been recently prohibited by environmentalists because of the negative effect it brings to the ecosystem.

Fish feeding is generally frowned upon by many environmentalists because of it interferes with the fishes’ natural rhythms. The fish might become too dependent on humans for food and no longer be able to fend for themselves. Even worse, some people feed fish leftover bread and other processed foods, which are harmful to their digestive systems.

El Nido Resorts Environment Department

We visited a total of 8 islands (Tours A & C): Helicopter Island, Hidden Beach, Secret Beach, Secret Lagoon, Big and Small Lagoons and 7 Commandos.




The trio 🙂



This photo does not give justice to how beautiful and peaceful this place is. So happy we were the only ones there. 


20160604_084829_mini (1)



Mama having fun under the sun 🙂


Lunch by the beach. We were skeptical at first (we heard stories about tourists getting stomach ache after the feast) but we were pleasantly surprised! Super yummy! 🙂

After the island tours, we were lucky to have just enough time to explore the land. We roamed around the cute alleys of Buena Suerto, El Nido. To me it felt like Midnight in Paris slash D’Boracay but more calm and peaceful. For some reason, it also made me feel like a simple romantic Mexican night to an extent ♥


We found this gorgeous store called A Little Corner of Paradise. They have hand made jewelry and bags, dyed tops and dresses, hand painted bags, flower crowns, very cool shirts and more!



A photo posted by Koko Domingo ? (@cestmoivera) on


Cholo and I got this top and it’s worth every peso.


After buying souvenirs, we had a lovely seafood dinner by the beach. To cap off the night, we had a few drinks at Art Cafe.


Called it a day early so we can prepare for our early departure.

Highs: Gorgeous island, very accommodating locals, yummy and super cheap seafood and fresh fruits, crowd is the best! (everybody minded their own business and you can really see that they went their to relax and enjoy the beauty of the island) feel good night life along the cute alleys, unplanned but smooth sail adventure, no itinerary yet our trip was hassle free! 🙂
Lows: Got severe migraine on our way to our second island. SECOND ISLAND!!! Good thing I had two of the best massage therapists slash nurse slash PA (joke) with me 🙂

Tips: Flights to and from Palawan are more often that not, delayed. So ensure your itinerary is flexible enough. If you’re planning a quick trip like ours, be sure you get enough sleep. I think the long travel time became the main contributor to my migraine which was a royal pain in the ass.


The trip was quick, unplanned and nothing short of amazing!

Indeed, it was a perfect way to kiss summer goodbye.♥

Hello, Doc Martens season! 🙂

Here’s a full recap of our unforgettable adventure: