Current Song Obsession: “Sila” by SUD

I checked the band and I see familiar faces. May I’ve bumped into some of the guys along the corridors of the conservatory.


The Discovery

My former colleague likes to play music every morning. So one time I was about to check my emails when this song caught my attention. He also posted the video on Facebook and stressed that I watch it.

The Music

I like how the mellow scoring compliments the powerful melody giving emphasis on the message (specially the chorus). If I will just listen to the music without the lyrics, this is the kind of music I would imagine playing in the background when the friendzoned guy enters the bar for a bottle of sawi beer. The music is weirdly comforting.

The Interpretation

When you first listen to it, there’s nothing more to it than a love song. It’s a simple rendition of a person professing his or her love for another person. Watch the video and all this changes. That’s when I realized it’s song for those who believe in the side of love that doesn’t ask. The other end which doesn’t complain and gives it all out. #martyr


Walang sagot sa tanong
Kung bakit ka mahalaga
Walang papantay sa’yo



Hope you like it too!

My Mixtape: “Not Today” By Imagine Dragons

Current Song Obsession

I’m not a fan of ALL of their songs but when they make music like this.. it leaves a Music-segnoin my heart. On Top of the World and It’s Time to name a few 🙂

I listened to this song and it got stuck in my mind for days.. then after a few days I watched Me Before You and I hear it playing in the background!



Hope you like it xoxo


We’ll make a memory out of it




My Mixtape: “She Used to be Mine” By Sara Bareilles


Sara Bareilles, American singer and song-writer


The name might ring a bell when you hear the lively tune of her hit single Love Song. Just like you, I thought this girl’s just one of those filling up the Billboard charts, just another spot in music channels, just another face in the record stores. But this song (and a couple more from the album) just makes her not your ordinary pop girl.


She Used to be Mine is Sara’s lead single for her 5th album What’s Inside: Songs from Waitress,  a compilation of songs originally written for a musical called Waitress. The music and lyrics render the the musical’s protagonist, Jenna, and her self-struggle: losing herself as she looks back at life’s challenges and carries a life inside her.


I come close to tears everytime I listen to this song: a 4 minute 10 second heart-pinching piano and delicate vocals rendering the words of a detached woman trying to embrace herself back, with tough love, to fight a little more.


Sorry to bring some drama to your Saturday. Hope you like it 🙂



To Jenna and Sara, thank you. You are #Womenspiration